Ansible role to launch multiple OpenStack Clouds resources


ansible-role-cloud-launcher is an Ansible role that allows to launch multiple OpenStack clouds resources. Resources can be defined in a cloud by cloud basis or defined in a profile, which may be reused by more than one cloud.


shade library needs to be installed, as that is required by the OpenStack Ansible modules.

Role Variables

The role expects variables fed by ansible-playbook on the CLI, for example:

ansible-playbook -i inventory play.yml -e “@resources.yml”

The role expects the resources variables file to have two dict variables, profiles and clouds.

profiles contains a list of OpenStack resources definitions that are meant to be reused by one or more clouds.

clouds contains a list of clouds the role will launch resources on. Each cloud definition will have the OSCC cloud name, a list of profiles the cloud will reuse and a list of resources specific to that cloud.

Please check resources.yml.sample on this repository for a full-blown example.



Example playbook

- hosts: localhost
  connection: local
  gather_facts: false
    - { role: ansible-role-cloud-launcher }